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Yankee Air Pirates

USAF Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War

The Amazon mystery finally solved!

Posted on December 29 2013 by Olivier Bizet & François Millard

The Amazon mystery finally solved!

After months of confusion, we finally found out why Yankee Air Pirates is not available on Amazon.com; it seems Amazon refuses to follow the publisher's pricing guidelines, as least in the USA. In the words of Mr Schiffer himself:

Yankee Air Pirates is part of the Schiffer LTD imprint, an imprint we created four years ago to combat the high discounting of book in the retail environment with a Minimum Advertised Price policy. This policy is designed to bring equality to the retail pricing of certain books where it is important not to have them advertised for sale at a lower price.

Currently, your book is not available to Amazon for resale as they do not follow the policy for the Minimum Advertised Pricing. The book is available to any customer or distribution channel that participates and follows the policy terms. You will find that Amazon affiliates will sell the book on Amazon.com and the book should be relisted with them shortly.

Amazon is aware of this policy and its terms that exclude them from distribution if they advertise the book below the MSRP. They choose to still list and take money for these books that they will not receive and this causes great frustration for everyone.

It looks like Amazon has sold the book while knowing they would never receive it! This company is getting bad reviews for the way its employees are treated, and it seems they do not care about their customers either. If you pre-ordered the book on Amazon.com, chances are you will never receive it. Please note that the problem is specific to the American website of Amazon; orders placed on the European websites are honored in a timely manner.

We strongly encourage all US buyers to cancel their orders on Amazon.com, and purchase the book directly from Schiffer, their local bookstore, or through Amazon affiliates.

We apologize for the useless wait, and hope you will still want to purchase Yankee Air Pirates!

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