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Yankee Air Pirates

USAF Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War

Galley Review!

Posted on April 25 2013 by Olivier Bizet

Good news! We have just received the galleys from our editor, and are trying to correct all errors still in the text. It is surprising to take a new look at a manuscript we submitted months ago. We had overlooked many details in the frantic days before the deadline, and now the defaults stick out like a sore thumb.

We are very tempted to rewrite every paragraph, but we will try to preserve the mental health of our editor. So we are addressing historical issues and spelling mistakes first. We will also try to include style improvements as much as possible, within reasonable limits (but how can authors be reasonable?)

We also found out that five photos had somehow disappeared during the editing process, but fortunately it is not too late to include them again.

The book is about to become a reality, May 28th will soon be here!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Bob Nolan 04/25/2013 16:49

Waitin :O)