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Yankee Air Pirates

USAF Uniforms and Memorabilia of the Vietnam War

U.S. Militaria Forum

Posted on March 28 2013 by Olivier Bizet

U.S. Militaria Forum

There are not many Vietnam War collectors around the world. It seems that most collectors are interested in World War II, especially German artifacts (although the interest in allied D-Day memorabilia is still very strong). World War I, Korea and Vietnam are not so "hot" in the worldwide militaria community.

As a result, a Vietnam collector (let alone a Vietnam USAF collector) will rarely have an opportunity to meet people with the same interests, especially in Europe. The result is a difficulty to acquire a good knowledge base, which can be done only when interacting with other collectors. We have tried to address the problem with Yankee Air Pirates, which sums up twenty years of collecting, but nothing replaces a discussion with other enthusiasts.

If you have a hard time building a collector network in Nebraska, Tokyo, Stuttgart or Milan, you have to visit the U.S. Militaria Forum! It is the place where you can learn about this weird pocket patch you found in a garage sale, that suspicious eBay listing, or show off your latest killer party suit. The forum deals exclusively with U.S. militaria from all eras, and over the years has become a huge knowledge base covering all eras. Of course, World War II is still the most popular area, but there are lots of excellent discussions about Vietnam. The humongous Tiger Stripe thread, for example, is probably the best information source available about this mythical Vietnam War camouflage pattern. For us aviation collectors, a new section is slowly building up, and will probably become an excellent database, along with your copy of Yankee Air Pirates!

The USMF community is always very helpful; we have learnt a lot from other members, and received great assistance for our books. You can find us on USMF as beezman and nguoi tien su.

Visit www.usmilitariaforum.com now!

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