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Volume 2 on the way!

Posted on August 7 2014 by Olivier Bizet

Volume 2 on the way!

At last! We just mailed the manuscript of volume 2 to Schiffer Publishing.

And believe me, it was about time! We started working on this volume during summer 2012, but the last weeks were completely hectic. I came back from a movie shooting on July 14th, and since then our miserable existences have been totally devoted to the completion of this manuscript. Proofing, correcting, exporting photos, checking captions and rights... we have done this 24/7 for the last three and a half weeks.

My girlfriend started complaining about my recurrent unavailability, and, more disturbingly, about my smell. I have indeed grown a kind of Hobo beard in the last weeks, and this thing has started to develop its own smell, as if my new shaggy hipster look was not humiliating enough. On the other side of the world, I found that François looked more and more like an inebriated version of Nosferatu on my gloomy webcam screen, although he argued that this was his best Colonel Kurtz impression.

Needless to say, I bought new batteries for the electric shaver. The hours of that hairy ignominy eating at my face are counted! Regarding François, I am pretty sure he will stop mumbling "The horror... the horror..." after a good night's sleep.

We will start working on Volume 3 soon. You can expect Volume 2 sometime in late 2015.

Thanks again for your support and see you soon on this blog!

Now Olivier and François need some rest.

Now Olivier and François need some rest.

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Darwin 08/29/2014 05:05

Congratulations on finishing the second book!
I look forward to seeing it when it hits the presses, and, I hope you both can take things easy now!